North of the Wall

Well, later today we begin the long trek from Mid-Wales to Falkirk in Scotland. Google tells me it will take six hours, but they have not met the official Ministry driver – Lorna, my wife.

There we shall be attending:
Carronade 2016
7th May 2016, 10am – 4pm
Graeme High School, Falkirk FK1 1SY

There shall be 30 + Clubs Presenting Demonstration & Public Participation Games, 40+ Traders, a Flea Market and a Bring & Buy.
Adults are £2.50 and Concessions £1.50
More details at:

I am so looking forwards to seeing all you Scots, Picts, Highlanders, Lowlanders and even any English who can get their passports stamped by Nicola Sturgeon 😉

I shall be presenting and running Blood Eagle participation games all day, as well as flogging copies of that and Daisho if any of you are interested.

A report and pictures shall be forthcoming, you have my word on that.


New bonus material

For the Daishō participation game at Salute 2016, Charles laboured  upon a brand new reference sheets and a set of figure cards. These can be seen in use below.

You can now find these in the bonus material section of this blog.


An evening with the Deeside Defenders

Thursday I had a most pleasant evening at the Deeside Defenders’ Wargames Club ( I was invited there by my old friend Pete ‘Ello-Ello’ Jones, who co-founded the Wrexham Wargames Club with me back in the day (now sadly defunct).

The Defenders have their club nights in the Broughton Aerospace Social Club right next to the huge BAE facility that manufactures wings for the Airbus, near Chester.

The club itself has a sizeable membership and every year puts on the Gauntlet Wargames Show in July. Although a small show, it is one of the friendliest on the circuit and I intend to be there next year.

I was invited to show off the Daisho participation game I devised for Salute. This now venerable board shall soon be retired having given good service at several shows. With the new Daisho buildings from 4Ground, I intend to create a different board for future shows.

Pete and another of my old comrades-in-arms Gary ‘Snowdrop’ Hinchcliffe tried their hand at the game and Gary pulled off an excellent victory.

Gary is the sort of chap who remembers objectives so, whereas many players of this little scenario get carried away decapitating each other, he carefully led Lord Mukimuk to safety. Another victory for the Clan Patrol which makes it about even with the Sohei Monks


Several gents came over to say hello, as it seems that In Her Majesty’s Name is quite popular there, and took an interest in our new game. Every one of them had a load of unused samurai etc., in their lead pile at home and could see how Daisho would allow them to use them to have some fun.

Around the club I could see everything from the obligatory GW games to Bolt Action, a variety of other historical wargames and several boardgames being played. I am told they regularly get over fifty gamers on a club night which is not bad for a local games club in the UK.

So an excellent evening, all in all, and I look forwards to seeing the chaps more often in the future.

Interview with one of the authors on YouTube

Our good friend Billy Salazar interviewed me last night about Daisho, our other games and our future plans. You can watch it here:

A little over a year ago he interviewed me about In Her Majesty’s Name and I must admit I found the process disturbing as I am a fairly private person and unused to all this newfangled technology. But, I wasn’t mobbed in the street by hysterical fans and the sky did not fall in so I thought I’d give it another go.

One thing I shall do if interviewed again is lock my chair upright, there are times in this interview that I look like a bobble-head 🙂

Using Northstar’s Ronin miniatures in Daishō

Many of you who are reading this doubtless have one or more of the excellent Northstar Miniatures Ronin figure sets. If you don’t then you should, as these have been sculpted by the marvellous Steve Saleh specifically for skirmish gaming and give you a complete force to put on the table for Ronin or for Daishō.

Throughout the Daishō rulebook, you can see many pictures of these fine figures painted and photographed by that esteemed master – Mr Kev Dallimore. He was kind enough to let us use the photos for the book.

When our first game, In Her Majesty’s Name, came out Nick’s crew produced sets of figures to support it. Then Charles and I wrote Company listings based on the figures in the boxed sets so people could start playing IHMN straight from the box.

So for Daishō we have spent some time and produced a comprehensive cross-reference document for those of you who have already acquired, or who are going to acquire, these beautiful miniatures. You can find it in the Bonus Materials section of this blog.