About the authors

This blog has been created to support the development and publication of the new game Daishō.

Charles Murton and Craig Cartmell are the authors of the successful Osprey Wargames series books; In Her Majesty’s Name; Heroes, Villains & Fiends, and; Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun.

A short introduction…

Charles and I have been fascinated by the history of Japan since the 1970’s. Our first real introduction to it was through the seminal TV series Shogun and James Clavell’s incredible book. This laid the foundations for us both picking up and playing the Bushido Roleplaying Game in the early eighties (though in different clubs). Thank you Bob Charrette & Paul Hume, you are heroes!
I began wargaming with a 15mm Minifigs Samurai army using a set of Samurai rules by the London Wargames Section in 1978 and soon converted these to WRG’s 3rd Edition Ancients. Anyone else remember ‘Two-handed Cutting Weapon and Bow’, a truly deadly combination in that game. This early fascination has continued up to the present day for us.  Indeed Charles still has a large 15mm Samurai Army, whereas mine sadly disappeared into the bring& buy at an early Games Day.
I have been lucky enough to visit and work in Japan on a number of occasions which led to my love of Anime, Manga and Japanese Samurai cinema. Kurosawa is a particular favourite of mine and I will watch his films time and again.
Our first thought when asked if we would be interested in converting the IHMN rules to other genres was mythical Japan and we proposed this to Osprey. Unfortunately for us they already had Craig Woodfield penning his excellent game Ronin for them.
So here we are writing Daishō and giving you a front row seat overlooking our design process. Once the games is published this site shall continue to support the game in the same manner that we have for our other games.


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