Daisho points calculator version 2.0

As often happens players noticed a few errors in my original calculator. Indeed Andy Wilson and John Ewing chose not to complain but to present a solution, so there is now a version 2 on the Bonus Materials page. Here are their notes on this new version:

This is the final version (for now anyway) attached based on my draft and John’s testing and input. Herewith are a couple of instructions/notes for Craig’s benefit. (Which may be overly technical, if you glaze over don’t worry)

When filling things in, it will not add the cost to the Buntai unless you have the multiple entered as 1 or higher.
Master quality items are all listed in the main armour and weapons list. (Weapons one is long, but probably acceptable in terms of overall layout).

Common fields have been kept to the left, with Ki Powers, Equipment, Spells and Misc Other kept to the right out of the way.

Misc Other, has been bordered into 2’s. One line for the name and the other for the cost, it makes no difference which is which the formula is only concerned if there is a numeric for the cost.

Ideal printing will rely on adjusting the column widths to suit, currently they are set to display the longest option in each list so with the columns narrowed a bit the height will adjust accordingly on the print and become a bit more legible.

It is set up with 2 profiles of 8 rows, 1 of 6 rows and 6 of 4 rows. It’s done in two’ because of the Misc Other column. We think that’s probably enough for most people however if you need anything added, simply copying the last 4 rows and pasting them in underneath should work perfectly fine for expanding the number of unique profiles available. (You may need to adust the print area before printing though)

Everything should be on a named range dropdown which pulls from the Data tab.

The cost for everything is a simple lookup to the data tab (again all named ranges) and those columns are all on the right hand side which makes it easier to manipulate and delete entries. (Unlike the IHMN one which had these between the columns so formula got deleted if you deleted a section of results.)

The only exception is for Ki Powers, we have added these as dropdowns, which it has to calculate slightly differently but is still all contained in the calculation section on the far right.

Anyway, that should hopefully be all, Craig if there is anything that you want changed let me know I’m happy to help, I do this kind of thing as part of my day job and it’s so much better when it’s for something that I enjoy 🙂

Andy Wilson

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