Using Northstar’s Ronin miniatures in Daishō

Many of you who are reading this doubtless have one or more of the excellent Northstar Miniatures Ronin figure sets. If you don’t then you should, as these have been sculpted by the marvellous Steve Saleh specifically for skirmish gaming and give you a complete force to put on the table for Ronin or for Daishō.

Throughout the Daishō rulebook, you can see many pictures of these fine figures painted and photographed by that esteemed master – Mr Kev Dallimore. He was kind enough to let us use the photos for the book.

When our first game, In Her Majesty’s Name, came out Nick’s crew produced sets of figures to support it. Then Charles and I wrote Company listings based on the figures in the boxed sets so people could start playing IHMN straight from the box.

So for Daishō we have spent some time and produced a comprehensive cross-reference document for those of you who have already acquired, or who are going to acquire, these beautiful miniatures. You can find it in the Bonus Materials section of this blog.

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