4Ground and Daishō announcement

We are incredibly pleased to announce that all of 4Ground’s superb 28mm Shogunate building range has now been rebranded as Daishō.


This marks the beginning of what we hope shall be a growing and mutually-beneficial relationship between 4Ground and the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare.

4Ground Branding

As you probably know 4Ground make simply the best, pre-coloured, Japanese buildings on the market today. We used them in our launch games at Salute 2015, as you can see below. We understand that soon there shall be new buildings in their Daishō range, so watch this space.


We are also working with them on developing a set of useful, in-game counters for both IHMN and Daishō. These are based on feedback from many players of both games.

16 thoughts on “4Ground and Daishō announcement

  1. Hi,

    I wonder of you could do a post on how you built the base plates. I’m planning on giving my eldest son a Daisho mega box for Xmas of painted Buntai, base plates and buildings.


    PS Buying the rules was the easy bit!

    • Hi Paul,

      Which baseplates are you talking about, my summer village or Bill’s autumn village?
      Mine is actually a stretched canvas frame (30″x20″ from any good craft or art shop). It has the advantage of being very light and taking paint well. The disadvantage is you can’t load it up with heavy terrain or it begins to bow. So for a display or show it is excellent.
      I believe that Bill’s was four, thin plywood squares with polystyrene sheets on to give height and depth. Poly is cheap but has to be prepared proerly to take pain or it melts.
      If I was giving a gift, I’d go to one of the many companies who do almost photorealistic pvc or cloth mats. At 3’x3′ these are mostly under £40 and very durable. After a game they can be rolled up into a cardboard tube.

  2. Congratulations! Great news!

    I also have a question about your display game buildings (which look awesome, btw!). What did you use for the thatching? Looks much better than the usual “teddy bear” fake fur. Cheers.

  3. Any updates on this? Quite looking forward to the rebranding of the Shogunate buildings, more advertising and awareness of them and Daisho… and anything new and shiny of course! I’d love to see a 4grounds Shrine or Temple, Dojo, Tea House, Palace (Stoic Arms in size!), small keep (City watchtower size!) and maybe a theatre or market? A good rice paddy and bamboo as part of their more general trees and scenics would also be great.

    • All the 4Ground shogunate buildings’ packaging now bears the Daisho logo. Other marketing material takes more time.
      They are working on more Japanese ideas but if I said anything they would send the ninjas. However, I’ll pass on your ideas to them.
      One point, having visited and worked in Japan, rice paddies cover far less of the available land than you might think. There are just as many orchards and vegetable patches, especially in the less flat areas (i.e. 90+% of Japan).
      Another point, Tea Houses and Dojos usually look like ordinary traditional dwellings, you just have to adapt the insides a little.
      I, personally, would like to see a sprawling temple complex as this can be used in multiple eras.

      • Hi Craig. Thank you kindly for the reply 🙂
        Agreed about rice paddies. They devote a lot of land to other farming, absolutely. However, you have to admit that they and bamboo are somewhat iconic! It’s also not too difficult to find general orchards and vegetable patches compared to finding more specific asian scenics. Still, you’re absolutely right – and certainly about tea houses and dojo. I can only suggest doing them in a slightly different style on the outside to set them apart from other buildings in addition to the interior being different. Or perhaps they could release a general building, a little taller than the peasant farmer’s cottage, that could be used as a multi purpose building – e.g. it could just be a large workshop or home, but there could be small furnishings to turn it into a tea house or a dojo or a storage building or even a sake works!
        Anyhow, the sprawling temple complex sounds awesome! I’d love to see that as well. Anything with additonal utility is also an added bonus… especially if it’s as beautiful as most of 4ground’s items. Did you see the kickstarter for east asian terrain? They had a few solid ideas there, but the feel is a little more Chinese/Korean to me over Japanese (fictional or historical). It would be cool to see a few more fantasy-type asian buildings or terrain features that could only exist in a world that your charming rules provide for. E.g. Oni’s cave or tengu caverns. On the other hand it’s fun to have a few things to make on your own!
        Do beware those ninja Craig and all the best ^_^

      • Sorry, one more reply and a quick one! Is there a place to discuss Daisho? An official forum or the like? I know there is a FB group for Ronin. Is there anything similar for Daisho? Cheers!

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