The Bestiary

If there is one section that really typifies the different styles of play available in Daisho it is the Bestiary.

The first part. like in IHMN contains the some of the natural animals  that could be used in the game. Dogs, horses, wolves, bears for example.


The second covers a few of the many legendary creatures that inhabit mythical Japan. In Daishō the following are available:

  • Centipede, Giant (mukade)
  • Crocodile, Giant (wani)
  • Faceless One (mujina)
  • Fox-Man (kitsune), human form
  • Fox-Man (kitsune), fox form
  • Ghost, Warrior (shura)
  • Lion-Dog (shishi)
  • Lizard, Giant (yamatokage)
  • Octopus, Giant (tako),
  • Shark-Man (kojin), human form
  • Spectre (shoryo)
  • Spider, Earth (jikumo)
  • Spider, Giant (hirata-kumo)
  • Spider, Trapdoor (totate-kumo)
  • Spider, Water (mizu-kumo)
  • Spirit of Place (kami)
  • Vampire (shuten-doji)

How you use these is up to you. A few of them appear in the scenarios we have written in the book. But they don’t just have to be non-player characters, you could integrate them into your buntai, just as you would a Hero of Nippon.

Anything that you choose to do with them, that is not already covered by the rules though, falls under 1.6.3 The Power of Rules.

2 thoughts on “The Bestiary

  1. Hi, this game sounds like everything i wished ronin had implemented. Do you have any plans for a PDF/Kindle version? I’m very excited about daisho! you got my sweet spot there.
    Thank you.
    zee germin

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