All good things come to they who wait…

Good people.

To coincide with the release of Daishō we have added to new files to the Bonus materials section of the blog.


The first is the Buntai Dojo. These are a set of guidelines as to how you can modify or even create your own buntai in Daishō. As you may already be aware Daishō is an open system. All points costs and how to calculate them are included in the rules.

The second is the Daishō Points Calculator. This shall save you the chore of having to work out the points for each figure or whole buntai. Each option for a figure has a drop down list so all you have to to is select what you want and the points shall work themselves out for you.

Please feel free to give us feedback on these, especially if you find any possible errors. We want these to be perfect for you to use.

2 thoughts on “All good things come to they who wait…

  1. Not sure how closely they are similar / different / related, but was wondering how these compare with Ronin by Osprey.



    • Ronin, by Craig Woodfield, is an excellent set of skirmish rules. It has quite a different style to Daisho and is more focused on a historical interpretation of the period.
      Daisho is quicker in play and more narrative in style. Also we embrace the richness of Japanese legend.

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