The Salute Boards

I thought you might like to see some decent shots of the two boards we made for Salute:

The first is my summer-themed village board:


The second is Bill’s autumn-themed board. This drew many admiring looks and he’s writing up a fully-illustrated tutorial on how he put it together.


3 thoughts on “The Salute Boards

  1. Very nice. As an owner of the Ronin rules, whilst this met my ‘historical’ samurai needs, I have always been a fan of the weird and wonderful creatures of Japanese legend. Can you give a hint as to what we can expect in the Daisho bestiary? I currently have in my paint queue repurposed figures for Oni, Nezumi, Jorogumo, Kitsune, a Japanese dragon and a Basan. I mean, what’s not to love about a culture that has a giant fire breathing chicken as a mythical beast?

    • Legendary Creatures listed in Daisho’s bestiary include:
      Centipede, Giant (mukade); Crocodile, Giant (wani); Faceless One (mujina); Fox-Man (kitsune); Ghost, Warrior (shura); Lion-Dog (shishi); Lizard, Giant (yamatokage); Octopus, Giant (tako); Shark-Man (kojin); Spectre (shoryo); Spider, Earth (jikumo); Spider, Giant (hirata-kumo); Spider, Trapdoor (totate-kumo); Spider, Water (mizu-kumo); Spirit of Place (kami), and; Vampire (shuten-doji).
      Others may be released on the blog from time to time as we just didn’t have room in the book to list them all.

      • Cheers for the answer Craig. I’m assuming that Oni, Tengu and Kappa will be covered in the rules? And as Daisho is supported by North Star, are we likely to see dedicated miniatures?

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