Oh woe is us!

How we feel

So here we are, the end of May and still no Daisho. Who knew that layout could be so complex? Well, obviously not us it seems.
The plan now is to have the completed copy off to the printers this coming weekend. With a 2-3 week turnaround for printing and delivery, North Star should then have the books before the end of June – 2015 🙂
If you can stand a little more bad news I have had to cancel my appearance at Partizan on Sunday. A family matter has arisen which means that I cannot attend.
I am now waiting for the third disaster….


The Salute Boards

I thought you might like to see some decent shots of the two boards we made for Salute:

The first is my summer-themed village board:


The second is Bill’s autumn-themed board. This drew many admiring looks and he’s writing up a fully-illustrated tutorial on how he put it together.