So what’s in the book then…?

Daisho Contents

Here is the lean, clean contents page from Daishō.

For those of you who have played In Her Majesty’s Name some of it will look familiar, but look closer – what are Ki Powers, To the Victor the Spoils, and Victory through Honour?

Note that there is a full campaign system and an extensive bestiary (with eleven normal creatures and twenty magical ones) in the core rules. Something we only really got into in the second IHMN book.

Also, look at the page count… Osprey’s IHMN books are 64 pages. With Daishō, there is 90 pages of content.

As we get closer to the launch we shall be expanding on much of this so you have a clear idea of what we have to offer with Daishō. So watch this space.

3 thoughts on “So what’s in the book then…?

  1. Well at least we can be inspired by your work so far and begin buying our buntai ready for release. I feel some Japanese themed scenery may have to go on my shopping list.

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