The Battle of Himeshima

Himeshima sits in both a fortunate and unfortunate position on the border between the Toyoda and Meji clans. Fortunate in that a lot of trade passes through the village between the two clans. Unfortunate when the two clans are at war.

The Meji clan’s Daimyo has sent an emissary to the village to deliver an important message. This might be the last chance to prevent war between the two clans. The villagers have shut themselves in their houses and barricaded their doors and windows.

Toyoda Hiroki, the Steel Fox, and the clan’s premier swordsman has been sent to meet and escort the emissary back to his Daimyo. It is important that the emissary is unharmed and treated with the utmost respect.

2015-04-18 17.22.30

It seems likely that the abbot of a local monastery might try and cause trouble so Hiroki has brought a clan patrol with him just in case. Hiroki was wise to do so. As he approaches the village he can see monks in their distinct orange robes flitting between the buildings.

2015-04-18 17.21.41

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