Salute cometh…

So, a week to go and it’s all hands to the pumps.

The village of Himeshima is complete, but I have seventeen figures to complete. One Clan Patrol Buntai, one Sohei Monk buntai and their quarry, a certain dignitary. They are half painted and just need the finishing touches and basing to match the village. It is worth pointing out that I am no Kev Dallimore or Golden Demon standard painter. So what you shall see is what I hope will be a decent but not sparkling set of paint jobs 🙂

2015-04-14 16.39.48

My colleague, Hong Kong Bill, has another settlement in hand utilising those excellent 4Ground buildings, but using the brush bristle thatch system – no teddies were harmed in their production, and there shall be more buntai for you to choose from. These shall include Ronin and a force of the Shogun’s own special Troubleshooters.

With such forces at hand we can be sure that blood will flow and honour shall be earned.

Charles and I are putting the finishing touches to the buntai rosters so the players can get straight into the game with minimal instruction. We have seen at various shows featuring IHMN games that new players usually take about five minutes to get the hang of the core rules system. By limiting the buntai to about 200 points and giving them a realtively simple objective the games will not take long so not eating into the players shopping time 🙂

2015-04-14 16.40.15

We are really looking forwards to seeing all of you that can make it, and for those that can’t I shall produce a full report of the say’s activities.

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