Picking up the pace

This weekend, with my family away, I have been able to pick up the pace on the creation of Himeshima.

Down in the man cave I have finished all the fences I shall need for the village:

2015-04-06 08.06.39-2

Although I had initially intended to only do 6″ lengths of fencing, I have had to create a number of 3″ lengths to fit the village layout.After painting I have dipped the bases in the same flock I shall use for the baseboard.

And here we have a number of buildings on the painting board:

2015-04-06 09.37.58

To make things easier I undercoated the building walls in the same brown I wanted for the wooden posts and beams. Then all I had to do was carefully paint the panels in the white plaster colour. To follow this will be tidying up where I have incompetently got white on the beams and posts, then the addition of a few details to individualise the buildings.

Then it is onto the fun of thatching…

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