Thatching Himeshima

So having eschewed teddy fur I am obliged to make my brush bristle idea work.

The problem with brush bristles is that once cut they are not at all cooperative. So I had to find a way of confining them while they were cut and glued.

To begin you need four craft lollipop sticks (6″ long), four drawing clamps and a wagon load of brush bristles.

Spread your cut bristles as evenly as you can manage along a lollipop stick like so:

Thatch 1

Now clamp the bristles between two lollipop sticks like so:

Thatch 2

Do it to both sides like so. It is useful at this point to just check the bristles are evenly distributed along the stick.

Thatch 3

Draw a bead of PVA glue along the centre of the exposed bristles. Put enough on so it will soak all the way through. You may need to use a spare stick to spread the glue around a bit. You want to end up with a glued band about 6-8mm wide.

Thatch 4

Leave it to dry for a couple of hours. The PVA must have hardened completely.

Then take a sharp pair of heavy duty scissors (bristles are quite tough) and cut down the centre of glue line.

Thatch 5

Release the clamps and lollipop sticks and you should end up with two row of thatch like so:

Thatch 6

These can then be cut to length and applied to a hut roof in layers producing a much more natural rough rush thatch.

Thatch 7

So, one hut done, six more buildings to go.

4 thoughts on “Thatching Himeshima

    • Kevin, I bought a cheap floor brush, the one with natural bristles, from a pound shop (USA – Dollar Store). These bristles can also be used for producing clumps of reed, tall grass etc.

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