The Village – Buildings I

Here we go with the first buildings, and I have chosen to do a pair of small peasant buildings for the village. Start simple I always say.

The materials for this build shall be@

  • 5mm Foamboard [Walls],
  • Catfood Sachet carton card [Base and Roof], and
  • matchsticks and strip wood [Wooden details].


The idea is to develop a method of quickly creating good looking houses to provide cover and concealment on the battlefield. These will not be building you can take the roof off. They are too small to have any effective fighting inside so I’m assuming that the residents, seeing the impending combat, have barricaded their doors.

Having worked with foamboard before I find it to be easy to cut and very sturdy – especially if it is based.

I intend to put most of the detail on the walls and roof and paint it before I assemble the whole building. I find that flat surfaces are much easier to work on that 3D shapes.

More updates as I progress…

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