Daishō is complete

The manuscript for Daishō is complete.

Forty-five thousand words in about ninety A4 pages now awaits layout and publication. For those of you that have followed our In Her Majesty’s Name series, that is almost twice as big as the first IHMN book.

As we know you all love eye-candy we shall be putting in lots of photos of miniatures in action, some of which shall come from our friends in the industry and others from our stalwart play-testers.

However, we want to open our doors to photographic contributions from you. What we are looking for are pictures of well-painted medieval Japanese figures, posed against suitable terrain, preferably in the midst of glorious combat.

Any picture we choose to use in the book earns the contributor a credit in the acknowledgments and a free, signed copy a soon as we receive them from the printer. So, pre-launch.


The manufacturer of the figures and terrain is irrelevant as Daishō is not tied to any particular figures company though we would like to know so we can credit them as well.

If you would like to contribute, please send your pictures to craigcartmell@yahoo.com, or send us a link to where we can view them. They need to be as large as possible (i.e. around 2mb) as this makes a difference to the printed version.

3 thoughts on “Daishō is complete

  1. I would like to see a post in future, about how you built the Bridge and Entrance Gate. I expect the procedures are similar to your recent “Fences” post, but I would still like to see how they were made, in case I miss some nuances. Cheers, Kevin.

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