Project update

So here we are, Daisho is written and currently in the hands of our valiant reviewers/proofreaders. Playtesting has gone well and the game has proven popular with the players.

We have got quotes from the printers and are on the cusp of agreeing a distribution deal with a splendid games company. As soon as that is sealed we’ll be sorting out the layout and it will be off to printers. In other words, everything is on track for the launch at Salute 2015.

Much of the early spring will be spent painting figures and building terrain for the Daisho participation games. We’re looking to create four battlefields, each a yard/metre square, with plenty of terrain, objectives and supporting material. In addition to this there will be eight different buntai for players to try out. We’ll present three of these battlefields at Salute and then we shall each have two to take to separate shows in the North (me) and the South (Charles).


The spring and summer will be spent promoting Daisho in the press, on the blog and various fora, and in the field at a number of shows across the UK. By autumn, we should know if it is a success though given the excellent reception In Her Majesty’s Name has had we are quietly confident.

After that, we’ll be completing IHMN Gothic for publication and continuing to create original supporting material for both IHMN and Daisho.

We shall be looking at other projects during the year and already have a short list of stuff we would like to do, the general idea being to publish another game in 2016 and so on. We are always open to ideas from you all, though we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fit them in.

For those of you who think we are slacker, we are not full-time games developers and writers. So we have to fit all this in around our already busy lives as both of us have ‘proper jobs’, friends, family and other interests. My personal dream would be to retire and write full-time though I could not possibly afford to do so at this time.

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