The Village of Rokkasho – Part 1

One of our objectives next year is to put on three participation games at Salute 2015. Our application is in with the organisers for a table that will support three one metre square boards, each with different scenery. So six players can try out Daisho at the same time.
The first board shall be a small village somewhere in Nippon that has decided to throw off the cruel yoke of its samurai masters and become an Ikko-Ikki stronghold. The villagers have barricaded their streets and now await the samurai clan patrol that has been sent to clear them out.
If they win then other villages shall revolt and come to their aid. If they fail then the clan will reestablish control and exact punishment against the rebellious villagers.
What I shall be doing over the next few weeks is showing you the designs for the boards and then how they are built, step-by-step.
Of course I could just buy the excellent, pre-painted 4Ground buildings from North Star. I also considered just using the Black Ronin print and play buildings. or Oshiro’s splendid resin ones, but that would be no fun for an enthusiastic model maker like me.
Below you can see my design for a peasant house. This will the basis for several variants, to which I must also add a larger elder’s house. These will be placed along a road and will have fenced gardens and barricades.



I am undecided yet as to whether they shall have lift off roofs, but I have done a simple internal plan as well in case I do.

The materials I shall be using for the buildings include card of various thicknesses, wooden coffee stirrers, a broom head for the thatch (I hate teddy bear fur) and some cloth. For the boards I need 1m squares of ply or MDF, pink insulation foam, textured paint, flock and trees.

So watch this space if you want to see how it progresses.