Design Notes – Landscapes


As part of completing the Playtest Beta Rules it has fallen to me to create the Landscapes section so I thought I would describe to you how I went about this.

As in IHMN the purpose of the Landscapes are to provide players with ideas for their tabletops that will provide a certain level of tactical challenge during the game. It is one of the more unusual aspects of this series and has proven itself popular over hundreds of games.


The landscapes are not prescriptive, you do not have to use them, but it particularly gives people who are unfamiliar with the genre a feeling for what they could use on the tabletop. In my opinion, even before painted figures it is nicely presented terrain that gives you a sense of satisfaction and immersion in the game’s narrative. After all it is one of the things we all look forwards to at shows.

Each landscape has a description and then suggestions as to the benefits it provides. the hazards you may face and some suggestions for the terrain pieces you might like to acquire and/or use.

The hazards section is often the most interesting as in there we often list Scenario Complications that might be appropriate to the landscape.
Combining a Landscape, a Scenario and perhaps one or more Scenario Complications gives you an enormous number of different potential games to play. Currently our count is 2,720.


Here is the list we have so far:

A City or Town
The Imperial Palace
Daimyo’s Castle
Temple or Monastery
Village (Agricultural, Coastal/Fishing & Mountain)
Samurai Encampment
Abandoned Temple
The Forest of the Tengu
The Forgotten Village
The Demon Caves of Mount Fuji

If you can think of any we’ve missed or you would like to see leave a comment below.

One thought on “Design Notes – Landscapes

  1. For anyone that has the PC game GuildWars, there is a lot of areas in the Factions expansion that could be used for inspiration for a board or even for making buildings, Torii, shrines, and other small terrain elements.

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