Daishō Progress

So summer is over as are many of the distractions that brings and we are back with our noses to the grindstone writing Playtest Beta. This is the version we shall be sharing with a few carefully selected playtest teams so it has to be spot on.

To give you an insight into the writing process here are a few facts:

  1. Both of us have full time jobs with long commutes and neither of us get back from work until early evening.
  2. We also live 200 miles apart and can only get together half a dozen times per year. We communicate by phone about once per week.
  3. So we assign different parts of the rules to each other and write in isolation, often between other commitments (family, friends, gaming, domestics etc.).
  4. Then we send the parts we’ve written to each other and critically review them. Being old friends helps here as neither of us gets insulted by the other’s opinion.
  5. Pieces then flow backwards and forwards until we are both happy with them.
  6. This is all controlled by a simple status spreadsheet.

Well, back to the point, we’re are making good progress with Playtest Beta. The latest sections undergoing word-smithing are Scenarios, Complications and Landscapes, mostly my responsibility it should be said. While Charles hammers a few more of the Buntai into shape.

One of the things you will appreciate is that we are no longer restricted by the limited word count of the Osprey format so we can include more cool stuff and more examples. We have also learned so much from writing IHMN and all your many questions.

Our target is to have Playtest Beta ready to send out to our teams by the end of September. They will then have the opportunity to really shake the thing down. As we get reports and photos of the play-testing we shall be putting it up here for you to enjoy.

Following that is the hard job of producing the final draft, including all the tweaks and ideas the play-testers give us. This then will be ready in time for a December delivery to our publishers.

3 thoughts on “Daishō Progress

  1. So some more Perry Japanese will be required, I can live with that. A good excuse to make some more buildings as well.
    I look forward to seeing you there and if it is not ready then I will not weep bitter tears but look forward to seeing it when it is, better something late than something broken.

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