The first Playtest of the Rules

Over the summer Charles and I have been finishing the first draft of the Daishō rules. However, as we live on different sides of the UK we had not had the opportunity to get together to actually playtest them.

So in the last weekend in August the memsahib and myself journeyed to Surrey to meet up with Charles and his Buntai: Matt Cook, Dean Richards, Steph Richards and Sean Bissett-Powell .

You will find that there is now a page dedicated to the playtest reports (see the tabs at top of this page). On that page you will find a fully illustrated report of our first two games.

blog picture

The rebellious peasants await the arrival of their former masters with trepidation.

This game was played using the basic rules only. No heroic or legendary skills, powers, equipment or creatures were allowed. The idea being was to see if the adapted IHMN core rules worked in the setting.

blog picture 2

Two peasants prove their worth and prepare to die for their cause

The result was that they really did. The action flowed quickly, the new skills (replaces ‘talents’) worked well, the forces were evenly matched using the points system and we all had a whale of a time. To see what happened read the report.

Among the lessons learned from this exercise is that we have to review the On (honour) system, particularly with regard to the On rewards for besting a socially superior foe.

There shall be another report soon in which we take the game up a notch and begin introducing Ki powers.



6 thoughts on “The first Playtest of the Rules

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  2. Thank you for letting me join the fun ! I hadn’t played IHMN previously, and from the point of view of a “novice” I found the system incredibly easy to pick up. It gave a nice flavour of the period, and might lend itself nicely to campaign games where the setup for each skirmish is influenced by the results of the ones going before.

    Special mention should go to the “throwaway” peasants Dib & Dob, who had such a decisive effect on several of the games (they were a wonderful tool for getting in the way of the opponent’s most powerful warriors, and for mobbing soft targets), and to the dice, which appeared to be divinely blessed, enabling me to win a game with no real skill on my part while my honourable opponent’s dice seemed to be cursed to never roll well when it mattered !

  3. Craig if you are looking for more play testers I have I group across the pond here in Canada. We already enjoy IHMN and would be happy to give you feed back if you would like. I am Irishrover13 on the Lead Adventure forums if you are interested. I am very excited about this game.

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