Daisho Update

Our apologies for the long spell between postings but I don’t like to write posts just to fill white space.

This weekend we shall be travelling across the UK to my co-author Charles’ grand residence. On Sunday several of our good friends shall also be visiting to run the first full playtests of Daishō.

Although the core of the rules is based on the successful In Her Majesty’s Name skirmish system there have been numerous changes, tweaks and new material added to ensure that it is thoroughly Samurai from its toes up.

We shall have some painted and part-painted forces we do not have any Japanese terrain yet. We have been just to busy writing to get anything done. I shall, of course, produce a report and some photographs.

After that there will be a review, possibly a short rewrite, and then we’ll be sending playtest rules packs out to our volunteer play-testers (fine chaps all). So expect more reports in late September and through into October.

Serious talks with a possible publisher are underway and once we have a deal we shall reveal them to you.

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