A very short Design Note 02/07/2014

A follow-up point to the Buntai Design post.

We know that quite a few of the people visiting this blog may not have read or played our last published game, In Her Majesty’s Name. So it is worth explaining a key feature of those rules.

In the core rules book of IHMN we wrote up the full points costs system so that people could create their own companies. This included how to cost figures. armour, weapons, powers and talents. On the IHMN blog we put an article explaining in detail how to create your own companies. It became a very popular feature of the game and the range of companies that people came up with and shared on the blog, the IHMN Facebook pages and the dedicated Lead Adventure sub-forum was astounding.

In Daishō we shall be doing the same thing. All points costs shall be open source and we will reprise the create your own company/Buntai article to help you create figures and Buntai that match your own vision of mythical Nippon.

In addition, like with IHMN, we shall release many free Buntai here as well as possibly work on supplements packed out with them, and share those produced by players.

So do not be dismayed if your favourite faction or horror does not appear in the core rules, it shall certainly be along by and by. After all how am I going to be able to play Totoru if we don’t?



3 thoughts on “A very short Design Note 02/07/2014

  1. Excellent news. An open system with do-it-yourself options is always a winner in my book. Here come my Wokou pirates!

    BTW, I’ve been meaning to check out In Her Majesty’s Name. I think you just sold me.

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