Soda Pop Minis Relic Knights Oni

I do like the various miniatures companies who have been making 28-32mm miniatures based on Manga and Anime, though I have never seen a real use for them in my gaming. However, Scott pointed out to me that Soda Pop Minis do a couple of Oni so I went and had a shufty…

kyojin-berserker-1_1 kyojin-berserker-2

What a splendid pair of chaps they are too, if a bit pricey. They really do summon up the sort of image I had in my mind for the rampaging monsters they should be.

These are the sort of beast that, if your brave Bushi defeated one, would make him a true legend!

6 thoughts on “Soda Pop Minis Relic Knights Oni

    • I have looked at them, but as the size of the Bushido range is 32mm+ I am not sure what size these would be.
      Has anyone any idea about the relatives sizes of Soda Pop and Bushido Oni?

      • I can not honestly say off the top of my head, but I know that the Oni are big. I figured that’s a look folks would want to go for. I can also see the war-games factory orcs, making good foot troops for a eastern setting.
        I might paint the one’s lingering in my back room up for this. Add an evil looking Mon, and a Oni or two

  1. I have a number of Games Workshop plastic Ogres I bought some time ago with ambition of having an army (never completed). I converted three to become demonic-looking obliterators for my Chaos Space Marines. They were red with horns and spines.
    I felt they looked pretty good, so now I am thinking I could convert 4-5 more but this time give them Naginata and Kanabo. Once I get the time I shall start this and document the project on this blog.

    • that should look great! some horns, a few of those prayer beads or skulls around there neck. The huge guts, will go well with the excesses that the Oni where famous for. I might see if any one in the local store has a spare Oger fig just laying about.

      • I’ll have to model on some raggedy beards and haircuts too, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Then a few samurai-style armour plates which might be a bit more tricky.

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