More Oni

It seemed only fair that I also show GCT’s Oni from their Game Bushido.
Each of these has a 40mm base so you can get some idea of just how bight they are. None of them can be less than 50mm which makes them almost twice as high as a 28mm figure.
The figures are full of character however I think they are a little tall for my tastes.

boba_promo bobata_promo kano_promo yusha_promo
You can find all of them here:

Also we have Zenit’s Oni from their excellent Kensei range. If that is a 40mm square base then the figure is 50mm tall, but if it is a 50mm base then it’s topping 60mm.


So what do you think?

One thought on “More Oni

  1. I could see one of them being like a king of the Mountain style Oni. Being the biggest and the meanest one of them all. knocks the rest about.

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