Building Mythical Nippon

temple 1

One of the jobs I shall need to get started on soon is creating a number of buildings and other terrain pieces for mythical Nippon. Some of theses shall be used for playtesting and others for a participation game to take around the shows next year.
Being old-fashioned and skint (parent of two expensive teenagers) I like to build my own. I have built numerous medieval European buildings in the past and a large amount of ruined W40K terrain, but not Japanese.
What I could do with are floor plans of typical Japanese dwellings and temples, and decent reference images, and this is where you come in. I have tried Google but it is a bit of a scatter gun approach to research.
So, do you have any such material that you would not mind sharing with me, or links to it?
Once I have this sort of material I shall do a number of drawings and plans of my own, which I shall scan and share here. Then I’ll document my progress on the blog so you can see how to avoid all the mistakes I shall undoubtedly make.

6 thoughts on “Building Mythical Nippon

    • I’ll dig up mine. I got it from Village Green. It;s really nice. Shouldn’t be too hard to copy. Plastruct makes a number of plastic sheets of architectural materials. I have used them many times for roofs and walls. Really top notch stuff but hard to find. The company’s website looks like it was made as if the web once existed in the 1970’s.

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