A good friend of ours, Duncan Louca, sculpts figures professionally. He heard of my plight in finding a suitable figure for an Oni, and in particular Benkei, the famous half-Oni warrior monk of Japanese legend. So he went to his computer and produced this:

Benkei figure picture

Isn’t that just absolutely stunning?

He has also had this figure 3D-printed, and then painted it himself. We shall have pictures of this later in the week.

You can find more of his sculpts on his FaceBook page:

6 thoughts on “Benkei

  1. Great looking Oni – I really like that arm reaching back pose. Relaxed but ready.

    Black Hat have one Japanese Ogre in their ‘Tales of the Dragon Kings’ range for £7. The whole range is reasonably priced with some great sculpts, particularly some of the creatures. There’s even a couple of eastern Minotaurs in there for good measure.

    A bit late but some of the other models may be of use?

  2. Can you please ask Duncan to make his Facebook page viewable to the general public so us non-FBers can see his fine work? Thanks!

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