Wherefore art thou Oni?

I have been looking around for some decent 28mm miniatures to represent Oni. I must say that I am not having a lot of success.
Other than Kensei’s pretty good yet fairly expensive figure there doesn’t seem to be too much on the market at the moment.


Yes, there are a few Ogre Mages in the Ral Partha, Wizards and Reaper ranges but nothing that screams ‘ONI!’ at me.

If I don’t find something soon I shall have to have a go at converting some plastic Warhammer Ogres. I would enjoy doing this, but I worry that if we include an Oni Buntai in Daisho it might be difficult for players to field such a force at a reasonable cost.

If you know of a figure manufacturer that produces decent 28-32mm scale Oni please let me know.

14 thoughts on “Wherefore art thou Oni?

  1. There is also the ‘Samael: Konosuke’ figure for Anime tactics which is a great Oni figure but again, only one and rather expensive.

  2. The Savage Wave faction for Bushido also has quite a few in it, I have just discovered. Rather nice too but (I suspect a recurring theme on this subject) not cheap.

    Now OOP but the Clan War Oni figures turn up now and again. A bit more random demon in style but with Samurai stylings. Edit: Found someone selling them:

    Noh Berzerkers from Relic Knights also tick the box, although guess what… 🙂

    Not so good (better than a lot of their stuff though) and smaller are the Dixon Oni figures, but they are much cheaper than the other options. (not many pics though)

    This one from the Goal System Delves Kickstarter which should be out later this year I believe:

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions chaps.
    The Dixon figures don’t really capture the feel of the beast in my opinion, and as you say the Bushido are quite pricey. Looks like I’m going down the conversion route then. It will also make a nice article for the blog 🙂

  4. Someone beat me to the Anima Tactics Konosuke already…

    In addition to the Noh Berserkers, there’s a great ‘Tengu’ model in the Soda Pop line: Kenobo. Long nose and funny hat, plus ginormous sword.

    Valiant Enterprises ( veltd.net/28mmclanwar.htm ) makes the old Clan War minis, under the Shadowland Horde section. The Ogres are $11 each, other undead monsters like undead samurai are $6 each.

    • Thanks for that link Scott. Some fascinating figures there. The Oni just look a bit too slim for my personal tastes.
      However, the Undead Samurai are pretty cool…

  5. Try Okko miniatures, they’re what we use for our homebrew game. They don’t have oni ni kanabo yet (‘Oni with an iron club’which I desperately want them to makebut I think they might have one soon) but the sculpts are top notch and not overly pricey. I believe miniatures market is even having a sale: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/asmokm08.html

    • My apologizes for the delay, been rather overworked at the moment. Unfortunetly Asmodde, the makers of Okko, don’t seem to support the game any longer; the following link was the best I could find: http://www.asmodee.com/ressources/recherche/?text=okko
      I happened upon the minis a few years back, at a local game store, after a kendo class where we had been talking about wargames in the Edo period and as a result bought what they had, at the time (2010?) it seemed like they were a very popular game. I apologize if this news deters you, I just saw the post, thought it would help.

      • Trevor, I am grateful for the information.
        Overall I’m a little concerned at the paucity of Oni figures, especially at a reasonable price.
        One of the things we were proud of with our first game, In Her Majesty’s Name, was that a player could buy the rules and a decent company for under £40. If we are to have an Oni Buntai, even taking into account that there would only be a handful of figures in it because of their higher points cost, it would be nice if you all could still field it at a reasonable price.

  6. As mentioned above, AEG’s “Clan War” models, based in “Legend of the Five Rings” made a number of different Oni models. I believe Valiant has the license now, so models can be had cheap now – I bought some not too long ago for about $5 American each.

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