From humble beginnings

This is the beginning of the adventure. Today Charles and I launch this blog which will chart the development and eventual publication of a new medieval, mystical Japanese skirmish game – Daishō.

We are currently mapping out the project and defining the terms we shall use. It is my intention to try and publish a weekly design post so you have an idea of just how much effort goes into one of these here things.

Although Daishō shall have many similarities to its older brother, In Her Majesty’s Name, we are determined to start from the ground up and ensure that it is not just a clone but a fully-featured game in its own right with its foundations deep in Japanese soil.

As it stands we are looking to have Daishō ready by the end of the year. This will include playtesting (form an orderly queue boys) and getting the artwork and photos we shall need and finally doing the layout.

16 thoughts on “From humble beginnings

  1. Standing in an orderly queue for playtesting… Also,is there some way I can contact you directly? Have some other items not for the general posting.


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